Book LXXVII: Blind and Intertwined Book LXXVI: Fpel Found a Bear
First Time Live (Shuck the Woodfed) Fasba Fpel Book LXXV: Play on the Dots Book LXXIV: Massacre of Khomodeyadaāma
Book LXXIII: 100th Album / Screw Mitch!! Book LXXII: Darkness and Light Book LXXI: The Great Escapade Book LXX: Evolution of Khomodeyadaāma
Jamunity 4: Nictur Huntor Book LXIX: Khomodeyadaāma Book LXVIII: Meditations Book LXVII: Mobile Home Manor
Book LXVI: When the Guest Doesn't Arrive Jamunity 3: Danvid Duffdellville Book LXV: Funky Space Queen Book LXIV: 8 String Synthesizer
Book LXIII: Ain't That America Book LXII: Kitties Galore Book LXI: Who Done It? Book LX: Tobacco Sam's Show Variety Radio
Book LIX: The Fool's Betrayal Book LVIII: What if I Just Want Pudding? Flipped Fpel: The First Wave Prequel Volume 12
Book LVII: Any of Those Book LVI: More Con Crete Book LV: Ethereal Whispers Prequel Volume 11
Book LIV: Hobos Melodica Prequel Volume 10 Book LIII: Rytuaal's Fasba Book LII: Love. Laughter. Life.
Dark Diary IX: Is This Becoming Kinky Talk? Book LI: Something Greecey Book L: Farewell Donny Prequel Volume 9
Dark Diary VIII: Sir Lumpenstein Book XLIX: Maybe S'Okay Sometimes Jamunity Vol. 2: Stockski Hanbetti Prequel Volume 8
Book XLVII: Paint the Light Dark Diary VII: Normal Stu Likes Normal Things Prequel Volume 7 Book XLVII: You Had to Be There
Book XLVI: Radio Wave Interlace Dark Diary VI: The Fat Blue Line Book XLV: Rhine Drank My Beer Prequel Volume 6
Book XLIV: More Scruff Required Dark Diary V: Edit: I Forgot to Add a Title Book XLIII: Bonell Canyon Prequel Volume 5
Dark Diary IV: Riveting Rezlizov Book XLII: Rockadelic Book XLI: Perfect-ish Prequel Volume 4
Book XL: A432-88 Dark Diary III: Something About Gleeoo Book XXXIX: RPGs are Cool Prequel Volume 3
Book XXXVIII: Fiddle About Dark Diary II: Byolsd Book XXXVII: Relics of Paradise Lost Prequel Volume 2
Book XXXVI: Jesus Rides A... Dark Diary I: Si Pelf Wabshataf Book XXXV: String Theories Prequel Volume 1
Book XXXIV: Twisted MOTo Jamunity Vol. 1: Jakamericat and the Wizards of Fas Book XXXIII: Blake the Flake: Grander than Matt Book XXXII: ...Of Perception
Book XXXI: The Planet in Between Book XXX: Moonshine Book XXIX: Djerry My Suga' Book XVIII: Blood Smoothie
Book XXVII: Groozefraba Book XXVI: St. Leon Gengeraru