Fasba Fpel is a multi-media art collective releasing about 40 minutes of free new music with accompanying video and different guest musician every Saturday.

We have dedicated ourselves to releasing every recorded second of music that we play together. Unlike all other bands that fear to share their practices, we have nothing to hide. We believe that even our "errors" can be inspiring to other musicians and refuse to refuse our fans any recorded music. So we'll be releasing all of our old recordings, the test jam from each recording session and some other surprises that will make our goal of releasing at least 100 free albums in the year 2015 easily accomplished.

We also hope to remind people that music isn't just what's on the radio, it's a natural expression, and it's sounds, not perfectly tuned computer programming. Our weekly album series is simply the raw sounds of musicians experimenting in a room together.

If you are interested in guest starring on an album or adding other artistic contributions, please email us at Contact@FasbaFpel.com.

Discover tons of great music and art below by over 60 collaborators!

Sean Juan Wilde Huck Mendoza
Travis Cross Line Master
Kay-Nyne Geed Wilde
Violet Chris Hunt
Joel Condit Jersey
Donny Smudge Jez Roberts
Na Na Na Na LightMan

(in order of appearance)
Brian Aughey - - Prologue - - Donny's brother Brian jammed with us a lot in our early days
Marco Wilde - - I, VI - - Listen to Guitarist Marco Wilde on "Jackalope" by Jack Wilkinson and other music coming soon JackWilkinson.bandcamp.com
Jack Wilkinson - - IX - - Listen to Folk Singer Jack Wilkinson's free albums at JackWilkinson.bandcamp.com
Kameron Anton - - X - - Listen to banjoist Kameron Anton on the upcoming Folk Hogan album as well as their 2012 release at FolkHogan.com
Megan Beck - - X - - Artist Megan Beck to have a website soon
Alfonzo Bleen - - XI - - Shrowded in mystery...
Skrinkles - - XII - - Skrinkles is also on "Jackalope" JackWilkinson.bandcamp.com
Travis Cross - - Joined on Book XII - - Check out new music and other projects from multi-media artist coming soon (or when we let him focus)
The Rose Phantom - - XIII - - Enter the vast multi-media world of The Rose Phantom at TheRosePhantom.com
Purgatory Pete - - XIII - - Purgatory Pete is a photographer, he filmed XIII PurgatoryPete.com
Line Master - - Joined on Book XIV - - Watch many funny and interesting Anime reviews by Line Master at YouTube.com/DankDrummer
Kay-Nyne - - Joined on Book XV - - Check out Cosplay artist Kay-Nyne at facebook.com/reallygorgeous1
Chovy - - Filmed XV, Pre04 - - Chovy is an awesome young dude that will likely accomplish a lot
Jordan Hunt - - XV - - A talented young multi-instrumentalist
Abby Jenson - - XV - - This youngster helped with the album art for XV
Violet - - Joined on Book XVI - - Long time collaborator of Travis Cross
Chris Hunt - - Joined on Book XVI - - Our Webmaster, an author and artist
Geed Wilde - - XVI, Joined on Book XVI - - Bassist Geed Wilde has appeared on Burnt Orange, Whilmington, and "Jackalope" JackWilkinson.bandcamp.com
Chris Hanna - - XVII - - Listen to Chris Hanna on the debut album by The Swinging Lights at TheSwingingLights.bandcamp.com
Na Na Na Na LightMan - - Joined on XVII - - This Batman fan does cameras and lights for us
Kristen McDonald - - XIX - - Bishop's Wife did album artwork for XIX
Bishop - - XIX - - Listen to Bishop's band Advent Horizon at facebook.com/AdventHorizonBand
Joel Condit - - Joined on XX - - Check out tons of magnificent art by Joel Condit at: www.facebook.com/joelcondit
Mysto Kairos - - XX - - Jordan Hunt's collaborator, a talented young multi-instrumentalist
Justin - - XXI - - Listen to Justin's band Larusso at: larussorock.com
Allison Dayne - - XXII - - Allison is in school to be an actress and performs in plays around town.
Norski - - XXIII - - Norski is working on a solo album, but you can hear his old band, Sons of Autumn, at: myspace.com/barbralovessquash
Jersey - - Joined on XXIII - - Jersey is a unique artist and a guitarist.
Innocent Guantanamo Inmate #7 - - XXIV - - Listen to this mutlti-instrumentalist as the drummer of Dark Seas at: reverbnation.com/darkseas
Sherrod Parkhouse - - XXV - - Check out Sherrod's bands As Is and Fusion Daddy www.facebook.com/FusionDaddyBand
Craig Waddell - - XXVI - - Listen to Craig's band Sturgeon General at: Facebook.com/SturgeonGeneral
Jeddie Duffey - - XXVII - - Listen to Jeddie's band Opal Hill Drive at: amr.fm/index.php?do=/musicians/opal-hill-drive
Jez Roberts - - Joined on XXVIII - - Jez is a pro face painter, see her work at: facebook.com/RiverOfColor
Eric Blood - - XXVIII - - Listen to Eric's band Bloodfunk at: facebook.com/bloodfunkband
Andrew Hopkins - - XXIX - - Listen to Andrew's band Melodramus at: Melodramus.bandcamp.com
Tori and Anna Farmer - - XXX - - The young daughters of John Farmer did art for XXX
Johnny Cat - - XXX - - AMR.fm President, Johnny Cat's band Sun Cloud is at: amr.fm/index.php?do=/musicians/sun-cloud
Brad Stock - - XXXI - - Listen to Brad Stock's free album at: bradstock.bandcamp.com/
Craig Nybo - - XXXII - - Follow Author/Musician Craig Nybo's antics at: CraigNybo.com/
Brandon Laukat - - XXXIII - - Brandon recently moved back home and is writing interesting stuff
Jazmyne Walton - - Joined on Jamunity Vol. 1 - - Jazmyne's other digital art and paintings can be found at: facebook.com/pages/Jazmyne/100844166679720
Tom Hopkins - - XXXIV - - The legendary Tom Hopkins can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tom-Hopkins-Music/483321288380046?ref=br_tf
Markus and Miles Sharette - - XXXV - - The Sharette brothers were in the band Black Velvet with Huck. We'll hear more from them in the future.
Palmer - - XXXVI - - Listen to Palmer's band Riksha at: RikshaBand.com
Cody Hess - - XXXVII - - Listen to Cody's band Perish Lane at: http://www.perishlane.com
Kyle Snyder - - Joined on XXXVII - - Kyle was in And the Sky Devoured Us and helps us with audio stuff
Zandra Zupan - - XXXVIII - - Zandra has played with many people, follow her at: http://www.facebook.com/zandrazupan
Mondi Taylor - - XXXVIII - - Listen to Mondi's band with Zandra, Siren State at: http://www.facebook.com/sirenstate
Kendrick Zane - - XL - - Kendrick is currently working on an album produced by Tom Hopkins
Balls Capone - - XLI - - Listen to Balls Capone's band Son of Ian at: http://SonOfIan.net
Bonnie St. John - - XLII - - Listen to Bonnie's band Vagablonde at: http://www.facebook.com/vagablondeband
Leisl Bonell - - XLIII - - Listen to Leisl and Brian's band Juana Ghani at: http://JuanaGhani.com
Brian Bonell - - XLIII - - Listen to Leisl and Brian's band Juana Ghani at: http://JuanaGhani.com
Canyon Jack Elliot - - XLIII - - Listen to Canyon's band Folk Hogan at: http://FolkHogan.com
Colton Nielson - - Sort of Joined on XLIII - - Colton thinks he is some kind of comedian... Watch comedy by Colton and Sean Juan Wilde
Eddy Williams - - XLIV - - Listen to Eddy's band Lucid 8 at: http://Lucid8.net
Dan Nelson - - XLV - - Listen to Dan's band The Chickens at: http://WeAreTheChickens.com

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